Clivia Nieuws “NOW HERE, OVER THERE part I “

Nu voor de laatste week. expo sluit af op 23 juni.Hieronder een beschrijving van het werk van Marte Mei van Haaster en Max Daalhuizen “ NOW HERE, OVER THERE part I “                ( inverted cactus landscape exhibited at Hortus Botanicus Vu )

Max en Marte zijn examen kandidaten van Rietveld academy.

This installation is about an experience we had with a landscape last year. We stranded in a cactus valley as a result of coincidences, where we experienced a sudden sense of belonging to our environment and to nature; it was unintentionally meaningful.

When re-creating this landscape we do not long for the exact place where the experience took place, we long for the way this space influenced our state of mind and being.

To capture this experience is aiming to re-live the moment, but with the adding of intentions comes a layer of expectations, having the reverse effect.

We picked up a stick from the cactus field and took it home, it was a cacti skeleton, in the context of school it looked more like a 3d printed object. The cactus seemed to be sensitive for it’s conditions, which app read only to exist in this specific ways in the valley we once visited, created the circumstance for them to exist in this way. While re-creating, re-visiting, remembering and re-presenting the memory is being morphed into a new landscape. Leaving only a trace of the natural space in an artificially created material.

We placed the sculptures back into a comparable context, the Amsterdam botanical garden Vu, holding the official dutch collection of cacti, where we placed a fragment from our memory as a landscape in a custom made glasshouse. An echo of moments.